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Heightened Emotions

Its not that I dislike my mom’s thoughts or something but I don’t like the idea of them restricting me to have a girlfriend. I mean as a guy here, it is necessarily logical for me to seek a woman. Crap. Another thing, they kept on blabbering that if I would have a girlfriend I might fall in love too much. Oh My God! Do I look like a buffoon who would give up my education just for the sake of love? Heck no! What were they thinking? From the looks on their faces and tone of their voices it seems they’re implying that I was as fragile as the characters in a breathtaking dramatic teleserye. Err.. They can’t just compare me to anyone or anything because I’m different and I am unique. In accord to these undertakings of mine, another issue seems to have arised from their playful minds. Being a first born son entails a lot of responsibilty. Yes I know that but does that prohibit me from engaging in a relationship? I mean hypothetically speaking, could a relationship be a burden to education? Yes it may but the bottomline is it why can’t they trust me in this?

I guess this is the only option that I have to release my emotions. Hope you understand.

09′ Year end Confessions and Realizations

Cherish the past. Because it will always be a part of your life. You are who you are because of it. No matter how much failures and mistakes have you commited, never regret it. Thus, learn to appreciate it. Some things are just bound to happen to remind us of what really life is all about.

As much as I can recall, this year had been favorable to me. It really taught me a lot about my so called “life”. I learn to laugh, to cry and to love. More importantly, I met different people and share a bundle of unforgettable experience. One of my memorable moments was my first date. I had to make up an excuse on my mom just to be with her on Valentines. Corny as you call it but just to be romantic I gave her a rose and personalized cupcakes on that very special day. We spent the moments together at the mall. Though it never turned out to be the way how I imagined it, I will surely never forget it for the rest of my life. Surprisingly, I celebrated my 18th birthday 13 days before the date itself. I decided to celebrate it since april 1 was our last day before vacation falls. I can still remember vividly how we messed up the tables in the food court in eating and screamed in the cinema upon viewing the movie “unborn”. Yeah, I love to reminisce about the good times. It never fails to amuse me even I’m in grief. So whenever there is a gathering I am certain that I won’t let it pass without me. The reunions, debuts & outings name it because I took part in most of these celebrations. About the crossroads of my careers, I have come across several opportunities. Unfornately, I decided to let go some because of too much pressure. I auditioned once in our school’s choir “FAITH Minstrels” and made it but decided to retire in about two months because of hectic time schedule. Secondly, I graduated from my painting class with top honors and pursued to harness this given talents of mine. I also took part in performing arts but lost the enthusiasm in the workshop and never succeeded. I was joined Anak BatangueƱo and was appointed as their president. As an active member, my congeniality and outgoing personality led to the discovery of my hosting skills. My interests was diverted to blogging when I heard about it and started my personal blog. I took the opportunity since I know that this haven will help me develop my dream of being a writer. I also joined multiple social networking sites and befriended few of the brilliant people behind blogging. Lastly I took the opportunity in Pathways to Higher Eduction and started teaching. Come to think of it I have realized that the craft of teaching is not as boring as I thought, its fun. These experiences were the best of the best that really left a mark on my 2009 year round experience. I would surely cherish such moments that brought me a mishmash of notable emotions.

Today is a brand new start but before anything else, allow me to thank the people who had been a part of my previous life. I am looking forward to spending time with you in the future. Let’s continue to mend our friendships and build a brighter world of tomorrow. To my family, more than words, I love you and thank you for giving me a decent life. Without my family, I don’t know where I should be. To the one and only God, I present to you my greatful praise and gratitude for my life. I will never hesitate to offer my life to you God.