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Ben’s First Year-Round Celebration

Every memorable event calls for a celebration. So in commemoration with Ben’s First Blogging Year Anniversary, let me recount how I “virtually” met the congenial man behind the reputable blog. He is no other than Kevin Ray N. Chua.

At the dawn of my blogging career, I hesitantly joined a social networking site called Plurk. At first, it seems a little awkward to not gain any friends at all so I began to look for the peers of my kind, the bloggers. As I was searching for these kind of people, I stumble upon his account and decided to add him up. To my surprise, he already accepted my invitation early by next day. At first I thought he’s not much of a guy that I should really befriend but as the time goes I learned that he’s one type of guy that we should really admire because of his unparalleled service to his fellow kababayan. For me, it’s quite difficult how this man can be described through words which can limit the very essence of his being. This man needs not to be judge by his outer appearance for his action manifests the true and good person in him. For most, he is an honest and absolute blogger that takes blogging without limits. A bubbly person that you could easily get along with. Congrats to your blog and more power tol! Good luck on your career as a future councilor. Hope to meet you someday.

Thanks to his sponsors who made this memorable event possible:

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Tuesdays Review:

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