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To writing, I shall return…

To writing, I shall return..  But when? I have no idea of any sorts of when I will actually get back at writing as well as blogging since I was too busy at school.  My March month have made my life preoccupied with my academic activities and the endless requirements evaded my spare time as well. I maybe bound to comply to these academic stuffs but once I accomplish such tasks I will start my blogging career again. I will continue to blog by any means because  I learning a lot from what I blog and gain friends as well.. Tata for now..


Randomness: Sketching Geb0i..


My Ideal Body Figure.. LOL.. and my ideal anime series if ever I would be an anime.. :3

Boredom Strikes: Sketch #1 and #2

walang magawa e.. ayos ba? hmm.. hehehe..

Christmas Tree: Have you set-up yours?

Christmas is just a few weeks away so in order not to spoil our xmas we’ve decided to set-up our Christmas tree last sunday. Here is how it looks like: 

Have you set-up yours?



But remember..

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.



Mom’s Early Christmas Treat