To writing, I shall return…

To writing, I shall return..  But when? I have no idea of any sorts of when I will actually get back at writing as well as blogging since I was too busy at school.  My March month have made my life preoccupied with my academic activities and the endless requirements evaded my spare time as well. I maybe bound to comply to these academic stuffs but once I accomplish such tasks I will start my blogging career again. I will continue to blog by any means because  I learning a lot from what I blog and gain friends as well.. Tata for now..


7 responses to “To writing, I shall return…

  1. Yes! That’s good to know, Geboi!

  2. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. ;D I do understand your absence here in blogosphere. I’ve been there haha. Just take your time. We’re just here waiting for your return. ;D

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  3. Yeah blogging makes us learn a lot. As for I have thesis pa, boo…

  4. Do what you’ve to do and then come back, McArthur. 🙂 Cheers.

  5. Always think of what you need to do first. Great to know you here, dude…

  6. Jan is right, you shall return hehehehe! Cool Blog Gerv, so keep blogging.

  7. Don’t worry. Bloggers been there too many times. haha ;D

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