Heightened Emotions

Its not that I dislike my mom’s thoughts or something but I don’t like the idea of them restricting me to have a girlfriend. I mean as a guy here, it is necessarily logical for me to seek a woman. Crap. Another thing, they kept on blabbering that if I would have a girlfriend I might fall in love too much. Oh My God! Do I look like a buffoon who would give up my education just for the sake of love? Heck no! What were they thinking? From the looks on their faces and tone of their voices it seems they’re implying that I was as fragile as the characters in a breathtaking dramatic teleserye. Err.. They can’t just compare me to anyone or anything because I’m different and I am unique. In accord to these undertakings of mine, another issue seems to have arised from their playful minds. Being a first born son entails a lot of responsibilty. Yes I know that but does that prohibit me from engaging in a relationship? I mean hypothetically speaking, could a relationship be a burden to education? Yes it may but the bottomline is it why can’t they trust me in this?

I guess this is the only option that I have to release my emotions. Hope you understand.

12 responses to “Heightened Emotions

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  2. i actually understand kung bakit nagkaka-ganyan ung magulang mo… it’s not that they actually hinder you from having a girlfriend.. it’s like setting you as an example for your younger siblings as well…

    una kasi lahat, siguro, ayon sa mga magulang mo, yung perang gagastusin mo kasi for your girlfriend ay manggagaling din sa kanila… kahit pa sabihin mong inipon mo yan mula sa baon mo… sa kanila pa din nanggaling yan unless nagtrabaho ka, nagsumikap, at pinagpaguran mo yung perang ipanliligaw mo, then all i can say is go.. have a girlfriend…

    but then again… nag-aaral ka pa lang eh… and we cannot say kung ano ang pwedeng mangyari in the future… it’s not im judging you or your capabilities in handling relationships… it’s that.. there’s always “what ifs” in every situation… at yan malamang ang iniiwasan ng mga magulang mo… yung mga “what ifs” kasi nga, you are setting an example sa younger siblings mo…

    siguro… if you have work na, established na ang status mo… then that is the time to have a more serious relationship… have more freedom kasi matanda ka na at pwede mo ng gawin ang gusto mong gawin… become an independent person… sa ngaun.. pwede ka sigurong magkaroon ng girlfriend now… itago mo or whatever… basta isipin mo lang… kung okay ka ba sa mga consequences na pagkakaroon ng girlfriend… at kasama dito ang pagbabawas mo ng baon… i hope these things help you a lot… 😀

  3. your mom’s so… overprotective hahah

  4. Dios me, para ka namang babasaging kristal na dapat paka ingat-ingatan. LOL

    I understand your mom’s point though. She cares about you and your future. The problem is she’s having difficulty showing in that in a way that will not get on your nerves.

    I bet it’s as difficult for her as well thinking you MIGHT lose sight of your goal: education. Baka nga naman ma-sidetrack ka. Marami nang nangyaring ganyan. That’s the basis of her anxieties.

    Talk with her more about this. Perhaps she’s afraid her messages are not getting through you. And perhaps gently tell her the over protectiveness is becoming icky. But not in those terms of course. LOL

    • advice accepted. I get the point. thanks to your efforts. share ko lang. yung kapatid ko naunahan pa kong mgkagf pero pinayagan. andaya. haha. malay naten one of these days luwagan n din yung kadena ng responsibiliddad ko bilang panganay. lol. haha.

  5. You know what, may kasabihan tayo na “habang hinihigpitan ang isang ibon, pilit itong kakawala”. Kaya di rin masyadong maganda ang maging over protective, siguro tama lang ang mga pointers at paalala na tama ito at di dapat iyon. Pero ang lagi nalang at sobra ay hndi rin tama. Maybe just take their advice at pagnilayin kung makakatulong at tama. ;D

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  6. i know the feeling pare. nanay at tatay ko rin ganyan eh. una dahil nga sa panganay ako. pero okey na rin yun. hindi naman kasi natin masasabi… baka nga akala mo hindi ka ganun mainlab pero magugulat ka na lang… lalo na kung pinakaunang bf/gf

  7. we understand. we too make our blogs our only emotional outlet. 🙂

    just dropping by

  8. Thank you for your great post, I’ve never really posted here before so i wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work.

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