My Guardian Devil


8 responses to “My Guardian Devil

  1. whoa! ang galing mo mag drawing ah! hehe

  2. my brother drew it. i just posted it on my blog. he was an aspiring cartoonist. its not my work. my paintings is in artpiece gallery.

  3. you sketched all these? man, you’re a STAR! Keep it up!

  4. This is one hell of an artist, galiing ah..

  5. Rachelle Cabezas

    partner in crime… ang galing ni kapatid.. daig ka.. wahahaha!!!

  6. ang galing ng drawing!
    matagal ko na rin binabalak gumawa ng comics eh! amp!
    ang cuteeee!

  7. Ayos ang drawings mo tol ah! Hhehehe! pwede nang i-frame at i-exhibit LOL.

    Happy new year bro! 😀

  8. you sketch well.. do you ink too? if you do, i think your drawings will look even nicer.

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