School Teenage Life by Bryan (My Brother)


8 responses to “School Teenage Life by Bryan (My Brother)

  1. nice comic strip! Ü

  2. how old is he? It is cute ha..!

    I got his concept..=]

    Maybe u are interested with my new post.
    Gossip Girl Goes On Manga! Sneak Peak!

    • my brother? 15yrs old. All of his sketches were original. Mana sa kuya. Lol but as i have said way better than me. Envy. Haha. About that gossip girl manga it looks cool but not as uberly good as the original. Pede na rin kahit pano

  3. waaaaah. Ang cute!!!! galing ng Bro mo!

    • adik un e. alam mo ba? he is willing to spend everything on his wallet just to buy a book about manga. as in khit maubos pera nya e alang pake. lol.

  4. kaw ba gumawa niyan? nice! parang comics ah.

    merry christmas!

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