Anak Batangueño Archdiocesan Congress Day 2009

 anak batangueno

To all fellow Anak Batangueno Members please email the pictures or post the link of the photos or videos that you want to be part of this year’s celebration of Anak Batangueño Archdiocesan Congress Day. Send it to

I’ll start posting your pictures and videos as early as next week. It will be exclusively featured here. Thank You! By the way, did you enjoy the congress? Well me I did. Did you recognize me? LOL.

Here are some of the snapshots that I took while on the congress as a host:


12 responses to “Anak Batangueño Archdiocesan Congress Day 2009

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  2. Wow, isn’t that nice, Gervie. Ate Vi pa-autograph! Ay Noranian nga pala ako. Ahahaha. Di bale na, oks na rin un.

    Who’s that young man in a green shirt? Sabi mo si Ate Vi lang ang artistang bisita? 🙂

  3. Sosyal ka ha, Gervie, fan pa naman ako ni VS.

  4. Sige wait naman ang mga photos ninyo.

  5. Napadaan. Nagbasa. Babalik. 😀

  6. napadaan lang! ayos naman! ui ece! apir tayo dyan! ece din ako eh! nyahhaha! wla lang!

  7. weheh. salmat sa pag visit sa blog ko. uyy alam mo bilib ako sa taong yan 😀 ang galing no? 😀

  8. wow! si idol efren! gustu ko rin papictyur sa kanya! hehehe

    • mei autograph din ako. LOL. super idol ko din xa, simple tao pero may extraordinaryong prinsipyo. astig nga.. w8 mei picture ata kami nung naglunch kami.. hanap ko lang

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