FanArt: Fan and Art literally!

BEFORE                                     ( unfinished )                                           AFTER

art and fan

Since the fan is uniquely tailored for the girls I thought “Why not create my very own personal fan?” Out of curiosity, I tried to paint the fan with oil paint. I never thought that it would be this good. Even thought it was time consuming, it was worth doing. Patience is what you need since the oil paint dries up in two days. If you would look on the bright side of my creation I think  it would be a profitable business since it is unique and it is used occasionally, everywhere. Plus, the painting or drawing could be painted personally or by an artist and it could tell something about his personality, emotions and attitudes. Pretty cool? isn’t it?  Why don’t you try it? I don’t have enough money to manage one so why don’t you at least try? But donate to me some shares. LOL. Anyway, I just remembered:

“The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore.” 
–Dale Carnegie 

True, this is one of the important things that I have learned in the field of painting. Never be afraid to try something new. You will never accomplish anything if you are too afraid to share your ideas. The fact that we are living in a democratic country it is already an opportunity for us to speak out what our crazy ideas(or maybe a very brilliant one in another man’s perspective). Y’ Speak ba to?? LOL.


3 responses to “FanArt: Fan and Art literally!

  1. haha. nice! nice!

    ang galing. turuan mo naman ako nyan pareng gervs. hehe.

  2. Since Christmas is almost here, why don’t you monetize your artistic skills and sell your creations? he he he. Let me know if you need help to promote your master pieces and I’ll make room for an ad space in my site so that it can be seen by my million readers. LOL (joke lang pare konti lang ang readers ko)

    BTW, ang ganda ng creation mo. Favor, gawa mo ako ng T-shirt design. 😉


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