Mano-mano o Auto? Gets ko na

Mano-mano o Auto: Gets mo?
Mano-mano o Auto, gets mo? Ako, gets ko na! Pero bakit nga ba natin kailangan ma-gets un? Does it really matter? Yes, it does… The mere fact that we are Filipinos it is essential for us to know every system, program or method that will be used in the forthcoming 2010 election. Kahit mayaman man o mahirap, edukado man o hindi, babae man o lalake, may kapansanan man o wala e dapat may kaalaman tayo sa gaganapin na 2010 elections. It’s the fate of the nation that lies within our hands. Mano-mano man o auto, malaking kahalagahan na maintindihan ito ng bawat Pilipino. Ito kasi ang dalawang methodolohiya na maari nating gamitin sa darating na eleksyon.
lola gets and kuya kim
Last night’s show “Mano-mano o Auto, gets mo?” did put up a great show about Manual and Automated Election. With Lola Gets of Tayong Dalawa (Gina Pareño) and Mano-mano/Auto (both played by Kuya Kim Atienza) in the show, you’ll never get confused about between the two modes of election. By the way, during the earlier times “negative election” is the type of election used where people will vote out the political icons that they don’t want to be in such position.

In a simple analogy, Mano-mano is to walk as Auto is to email. In a situational basis, why would you even bother to send a letter via mail which could take days if you could do it in seconds through email? The point here is by maximizing the use of technology election could be easier. But the real question is which of these methods are the most effective and efficient? Looking back through our history, manual election has been used for over 110 years since 1899. From Aguinaldo to Arroyo there maybe a record of political anomaly but it is not as crucial as we think. If we were to compare it on the Automated election insisted by James Jimenez, the director of COMELEC, SMARTMATIC’s technology is questionable. Even though it has proven its worth in US along with several countries, we cannot be reassured that this will be effective in the Philippines.

Looking through the core concepts of these two modes of election, they are distinguishably alike but apart in a little sense. Mano-mano comprises paper balloting sealed in a huge ballot box. Auto on the other hand, is the technological counterpart of manual. The paper with bar code, ultraviolet code and watermark are genuinely made for PCOS  (Precint Count Optical Scan) machine to read and store the information on memory card. The use of secrecy folder is strictly implemented for political privacy in both ways. At the same time, the indelible ink is still being used to pinpoint the voters who have already voted.

Regarding Mano-mano and Auto Election,  both ways manifests strengths and weaknesses. If you were to consider the time it would only take two days for Auto and almost a month for Mano-mano to acquire the election results. Even if there is a brownout the Mano-mano still continues and so does for Auto but with limited amount of time(12 hours) based on its battery life. When it comes to tallying and transmitting data, the Mano-mano uses election officers the tallied votes to Municpal, Provincial and finally to the National Board of Canvassers. The same goes for Auto, but it is more efficient because it uses cellular modem to send the information in just a nick of time. However, Auto is prone to hacking threat. If there could be a hindrance in sending the information, global satellite will be used. 

If I were to chose between the two, I’ll still go with our traditional way. It maybe time consuming but it has lesser threats compared to automated election. Plus, why would we depend the results of the election on the machines that could be susceptible to errors if in the first place, we are the one who created it? 

Mano-mano man o auto kailangan nating bantayan ang ating mga boto. Ang teknolohiya ay maganda yan para sa mga tao pero kung s pansiriling kapakanan gagamitin e masama. Konsensya mo na lang kung gusto mo pang manloloko.

Ako ang simula ng pagbabago.

Think twice and Vote Wisely..


4 responses to “Mano-mano o Auto? Gets ko na

  1. Either way people will cheat. I’d go for automatic

  2. Yan, i visited too.. hahah..
    yeah its true..
    kac kung walang magbabantay ng boto,
    meron paring dayaang mangyayari..
    kaya dapat bantayan ang ating boto.. 😀

  3. Whatever the system to be used,hoped for a clean,successful and honest election.Choose for the right candidate.
    Show your support and make it for a CHANGE.

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