Strange Plant Names

These plant names are sure to give you the chills, but the flowers are generally pretty and don’t deserve to be exterminated just because of what their names implies.
witch hazel
Witch Hazel

The name may sound spooky for it is is associated with “witch” but disregard it for this creepy plant that we are babbling about is known for its exceptional medicinal purpose. 

wolf's bane
Wolf’s Bane

The name was believe to be derived from its history because it is used to drove werewolves away in the medieval times. Pretty (or) creepy? LOL.

love lies bleeding
The name itself love-lies-bleeding is surely denotes sadness but on the contrary the plant is quite beautiful. It has small brightly colored red flower that hangs at its side generally 2 foot, rope-like stems that droop from plants that are at least 4-feet tall. When grouped together in the garden, it look like a dripping blood. Cool isn’t it?

Bleeding hearts

Bleeding hearts will not leave your heart aching but it will probably make you fall in love as because of its charming looks. The tiny blossoms are exactly little hearts broken apart with dripping blood-like effect. 


Snapdragons is definitely the cream of the crop that a gardener would prefer over a wide range of flowers. The name sound tough as we heard it but according to botanists, these plants are easy to deal with.


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