Serenity at Nature


  • This painting of mine is entitled “Serenity at Nature”. It was created last April 2008 in Acies Ingenii Movement. It won 1st place on the 22th of June 2008 last year. It costs entirely P8,000 pesos or 171.00 USD but each can be sold seperately(P4000 each or 85 USD).
    • Want to buy one or both? Contact me for the info.
    • Catch my paintings on Flickr.
  • serenity at nature


    4 responses to “Serenity at Nature

    1. Excellent paintings bro! Sorry it took me this long to drop by. Been preoccupied with some other stuff, I just finished replying to the messages on my own site today LOL.

      You have a gift and it’s worth cultivating. Keep it up and I’ll do my best to support you.


    2. wow panalo talaga

    3. beautiful artistic pieces colorful, cheerful, bright just like the artist..:)

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