Mobile vs. Computer

Technology rocks. Why?  Coz’ they innovate the way how we live out our lives. Instead of using computers, laptops and other stuffs, you can almost acquire the same features on some mobile phones which can be much cheaper and much affordable compared to laptops. Talk about convenience, a cellular phone is much more recommended. To give you a very convincing and precise info. Here’s my top 10 advantages of a mobile phone versus computer.

vs computer

1.Aside from 3G/HSDPA features for high-speed data, a cellular phone has GSM/GPRS/EDGE connectivity for voice and data which a laptop doesn’t have.

2.Most phones nowadays have integrated digital cameras which can go up to 12 megapixels, backed up by professional optics( like Carl Zeiss on N86 8mp, how cool is that?), flash and sometimes, optical zoom. Great isn’t it?

3.A mobile phone’s camera can now record videos in DVD quality. There is already one that records in HD.

4.Most phones now have GPS navigation system built-in. Or it could be installed easily.

5.Apart from a CMOS(Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) sensor, most phones of today have a series of in-built sensors like light sensor (e.g. in N900), proximity sensor, accelerometer motion sensor (in most touchscreen phones like N5800) and magnetometer.

6.A phone user doesn’t suffer as much as a computer user in the assembly and disassembly of the device since everything he needs from his phone is already there like messaging, games, music, calendar, internet and much more.. No more complicated hardware and software setup. If you want to change its casing you can simply disassemble it with your bare hands.

7.A mobile phone can connect to a cellular network, a remote network, a PC, DLNA-enabled devices and appliances, Bluetooth devices, and another phone.

8.A phone can weight less than 200 grams only.

9.A phone can be used almost anytime and can be carried practically anywhere. But beware of snatchers. ha-ha.

10.All of the abovementioned features are packed in rather a relatively small body that can be fitted inside one’s pocket or bag. Very convenient and innovative isn’t it?


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