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Still stuck with last song syndrome? For sure, your outdated playlist is what brings about these chances. Most musically inclined peeps are craving for the latest music nowadays. But the question is, can we afford it even if it is not locally produced? Is it available to the public? Heck, no! They’re exclusive for rich, duh! But why would you go for something exclusive if you can have the same quality that it provides. Yep. You heard it right! Same quality, same music or even better. I care to share. Here’s how: is the name and downloading is the game. I found this site while surfing the net. Cite all you need about videos and they’ve got it all here. In partnership with, you can directly download any videos in four available format(3gp(LQ), 3gp(HQ), mp4 and flv).


format factory


If you have downloaded your music pick you can convert it to any music extension file type using any converter but i strongly suggest that you use Format Factory for it can preserve and optimize the quality of the file that was transformed from one form to another. Hope this helps.


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  1. songs download in my mobile

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