The Worst is over

The dawn of yesterday’s skies had been restless as typhoon “Santi” made its way through the Philippines. As early as three o’clock in the morning, almost all the people in our neighbourhood are awakened by the fury of Santi’s Wrath. Even I and my family had witness how the furious storm scurries its way across batangas. The strong winds and heavy rain left a bothersome anxiety that kept us from sleeping. I hesistantly texted my mom as the clock struck half past four o’clock. She was supposedly at home by that time but I have known that she had overtime. As the sun begins to rise at six, the worst is over. The storm has already subsided. I just hope that no more storms will come to our country after this. Philippines is once again on a pitiful crisis. We must help one another build our nation again. By the way, the life of my fellow batangueños continues. The aftermath of Santi’s wrath entirely left us a bundle of waste. The twigs, branches and leaves are scattered all over our barangay and the electric supply was cut off. Here are some photos that I’ve taken outside.




Anyway, things were back to normal when the sun showed up. Our classic tradition of suman continues. Do you still practice suman making? You should at least try it once. It is very exciting to make one since it is yummy and delicious.




2 responses to “The Worst is over

  1. hi, another ECE fellow! anlakas ng tama ng bagyo sa Pinas, meron na namang bago, si Tino!

  2. Rachelle Cabezas

    hahaha. familiar ata ung picture..

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