A Very Long Weekend..

Every minute of our life counts so never take an opportunity for granted. If you have the chance grab it and never let go. In my case, I pursued my PATHWAYS TO HIGHER EDUCATION career.
Yesterday was our very first orientation with the students. I came earlier than expected, just a little excited maybe. Haha. Excitement grew to irritation as I entered the room. Only one student came. How ironic. I should have never expected much. Something too much expectations could bring about your worst disappointments. Isn’t it right? Anyway life must go on even though everything seems wrong. At the end of my session, I met four of my students namely Gabby, Dexter, Jezzel and Rose Ann. Che and I gained a lot of insights from our informal orientation. In the same way, I shared my viewpoints on the topics we have talked about. This day didn’t seem bad afterall. I thought everything’s fine but I got upset when I heard the result of my exam in calculus. Damn it. I got home quickly without even saying goodbye to my peers. I tried to forget the problem complete but it just kept hunting my thoughts. To ease things up, I went to my cousin’s cousin party(Got the logic?). Happy 1st birthday Miko. The children’s party was started to bore me out. But since I love kids, I focused my attention on them. I missed being a kid. No dilemmas, no worries. Ugh. In the middle of the party, I babysitted Kian. Here is our pic.
kian and me

kian and miko

ramilo family


jollibee nobody

He is sound asleep. He woke up when we were about to feast our meals(Haha). Just before the recessional, Jollibee came to entertain the kids. At my age, Jollibee may seem corny but he surely captured my humor when he danced “Nobody”. I was really gleeful that mascots nowadays are updated in the trends today. I enjoyed the party and somehow “deburdenized”(Get what I mean? Hope you understand. Haha.). Afterwards, I got home quickly and changed my clothes. I don’t want to miss Marj’s party and my St. Peter peers. At 5pm, I left our home in a hurry fearing not to be left out. At the Bratz, Topher, Deo and Richmond arrived earlier. It was soon followed by Rina, Niccolo and Emo. We arrived at Marj’s house at 7:30pm. Petrevs attendees are Erin, Charlene, Rovi, Amira, Jhona, Hazelie, Paula, Andrea, Kaycee, Topher, Richmond, Deo, Richard, Allen, Nikko G., Nickole, Emo and Marj, the celebrant itself. We ate altogether. While talking Erin had commented that I’ve changed recently into “Suplado” as they call it. They say I became too silent these days. If they only knew my problems. Bagsak ata ako s calculus. What bothers me is will I pursue or take another career? One thing more, I am so hating most of my peers. They are so self-centered. Kaya nga ako nagpakaloner kasi wala silang pakialam. Buti na lang Joana comforted me. Thanks. I never thought I’d never get over my crestfallen attitude in this gathering but I was wrong. Once again, I found the place where I belong. At my heart, St. Peter will always stay. Corny but surely it makes sense right Petrevs? I wished everyday would be like this. Haha. After a while, we started the surprise program for Marj. I was her first dance in the 18 roses. I cheerfully greeted her happy birthday. Next were the 18 balloons participated by her girl friends. And last were the 18 candles for her birthday cake. We enjoyed the rest of our entire nights together like the same old days.
Too bad some of our peers weren’t able to attend the party. They’ve missed a lot of things like chatting, singing and playing cards. Sayang nga e at namiss din nila ang mga jokes ni topher, kulitan nila amira, kantahan nila allen at asaran nila nickole. I myself enjoyed the night even though I was busy texting.
Mahirap na, baka matalo ko sa kasunduan e. Haha. Katext ko kasi si Coleen. Kulit nga e. The winner gets the chance to hear the voice of the LOSER. May karapatan din magrequest ng kanta ung winner. I’m really glad that I’ve texted her. I miss her. Dami nga namin napagusapan. Mapakakornihan hanggang sa kalokohan e napagkwentuhan. Haha. One of the most memorable question that struck me is “haha. =P suko kn?..”. Asaran till dawn e. Eventually nakatulog siya ng 4:18 am at October 25’09. Grabe no? And that marks my victory. Haha. I slept in the sofa for entirely an hour only. Idlip nga lang siguro kung tutuusin. Ang ingay kasi ni Amira. Hindi pala natulog ang mga card players. Sina kaycee at charlene e masarap pa ang tulog. Sina Jhona, Deo, Allen, Chad, Hazelie at Andrea e sing-a-long pa din to the max. Kaya nyo ba un? Haha. We departed at her house by 7am. Swerte nung jeepney na nasakyan namin. We were his first passengers. Puno talaga at parang rumenta lang kami ng jeep. Kala ko e makakauwi na ko nun pero naharang pa. I just had to agree. Wala daw kasi pakisama pag di ako sumama. Nagdota kami when we’ve reached Tanauan. Ok naman ung game. Masaya. Panalo kami twice in a row. My characters were Gorgon and Rexxar. Wooh! Nawala naman agad antok ko e. At home, I slept almost all day long. But it was interrupted for I had to meet Lord to give her the housing of our radio. We walked, talked and walked hoping to find an Electronic Store that was open on Sundays. Unfornately we didn’t find any. Nakita ko pa si Ana when I’m on my way to the market. I went to the Reyes Haircutters after. New haircut was badly needed. Paparehistro pa kasi ko for the coming Elections at 2010. I don’t want to look like a fool on my voter’s id. I guess my new haircut finally suits my looks and I’m loving it. Haha. At home, nagradyo lang ako. Napakadull kasi ng evening pag sundays. Buti na lang at tumawag si coleen. Narinig ko na boses nya. Lovebug pinakanta ko sa kanya. Ayun ok naman, maganda din naman boses. Fair na kami. Haha. Sayang nga e at di ko narecord. Tapos maagang natulog. Siguro napagod lang sa very long weekends na naexperience ko. Naging masaya ko inspite of my undertakings.


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  1. Rachelle Cabezas


    paano sumali dun?
    parang ang cool..

    hahaha.. :))

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