Resolved Badtrip..

“I go unseen.” Naaalala ko lang sa dota. May hangover na naman ako from the game. Here I go again. Solo trip to the mall. Badtrip and at the same time, left with no companion. Who else to blame? Nothing. As I have said, I am always like this. Ewan ko na ba sa sarili ko. Sometimes life was just too cruel for me and the rest of the other people. Pano ko ba nasabi un? Most people nowadays are abusive. Relate ko lang sa recent situation ko. I have been a leader for almost every semester. I am so damn tired of it. As a leader we all knew that most responsibilities depends unto you but in my situation, parang wala akong kasama. They never even offered their help. Kaya nga I was beginning to think kung itutuloy ko pa ang course ko. Lagi na lang kasing ganun. Kung tutuusin nga I am not supposed to be here. IT dapat ako but I just struggled to pursue this engineering stuff. Kung ganito na lang din ang mangyayari e sususuko n talaga ko. Parang wala akong kasama o karamay e. Kaya nga siguro I always feel that I am all alone even if my friends were there. Hayy. Tatahimik na muna ako. Kaya ako nagpunta e para isantabi ang lahat ng kabadtripan ko sa buhay. I’m off to the mall again. Strolling and thinking what to watch. I’ve seen a group of children wearing unfamiliar garments. They were celebrating United Nations Day at the SM Event Centre. The kids these days never fails to lose their charms. They are really cute. Haha. Too bad I don’t have a super cool cam like a canon 500D to take a picture of them. Jolibee at 2pm, yan ang lagi kong everytime I would go to movies. Is it a weekly habit? Nope di naman lagi e.
book of blood
At the cinema, I watched the book of blood. It revolves around the story of the undead and paranormal. Simon faked out the series of unexplainable phoenomenon in the house just to gain the interest of her teacher. But as the story goes, her teacher discovered the tricks off of his sleeves. Just as they were about to leave, strange things began to occur. The pranks that Simon played once came into reality. The undead began to wrote their stories on his skin and soon the writings began to clothe his entire body. The teacher had become obsessed with the paranormal and hid him from the public. Simon had managed to escape but he died in the end. His flesh still bleeds as the stories of every undead were written day after day and night after night. A thrilling and scary movie this halloween. I strongly recommend to watch this movie if you like horror. It is Rated 13. Not for minors. Film contains some erotic themes but it is surely a shocker so be sure to watch with a companion. Haha.
nim's island
Out of curiousity, I bought a ticket for “Nim’s Island” only 15 pesos. I don’t even know how the beginning goes but the story tells about the little girl named Nim who was left alone by her father in their island alone. She worns to keep the island secret and drives away any people who tries to settle at the island. She was accompanied by Alexandra Rogers who happens to be the writer of the hit series “Alex Rogers”. Alex came all the way from San Francisco just to meet up the girl after being in her home for months. Her father came back alive after the tremendous storm. And become acquainted with Alex the writer. And they live happily ever after. ^^ Im just glad that I enjoyed this days despite sa mga kabadtripan ko over the last few days.


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