The Solo Saga prevails..

Nothing new and special at all. You probably know why it is the solo saga. I usually prefer to be alone when I am spending my quality time? Haha.. I don’t even know how I became like this. Maybe, I become used to this attitude eversince my barkada have had their own relationships. But anyway, I’m already used to this. So why would I bother looking for company? If and only if it would be her I could have agreed. Oh God I miss her. Back to me,(kanta un ah. Just joking) I always enjoyed my malling alone. If loneliness could kill then I must be dead. My first stop upon arrival is the National Bookstore. at National bookstoreI love the books on their store. How I wished it was a library so I could easily borrow their books. I am usually short on funds when it comes to books. I myself is a lousy treasurer because I always spend my savings for something else. Then suddenly, I felt this hunger inside my belly. This leaves me no choice but to eat at my favorite fast-food chain, Jolibee.steak I quickly “feasted” on my burger steak because I don’t want to miss G-FORCE.cinema

But at the cinema, I realized that I was a little ahead of my movie schedule. I was that excited? LOL. Oh yeah! The movie lasted for 2 hours. It was okay. Four thumbs up for the overall rating. GFORCE is all about guinea pigs. Cute and incredible vermins that was given a mission to save the mankind from total abomination in the hands of their good-turned-evil friend, Speckles. Speckles used the technology of a multibillionaire man to create a technology that will avenge the death of his family. The GFORCE was headed by Darwin along with Blaster and Juarez which will later be acquainted with Hurley, the happy-go-lucky hamster.

After the movie, I was about to go home but Renz texted me to accompany

I took a stroll around the mall while waiting. Enjoy.
gervie and renz








Then I went home around 6:30 pm after I accompanied Renz. (Antayin mo si Ron). Sorry because I can’t join your company. (gabi na kasi)
Hayy.. Hanggang kelan kaya ako mag-iisa? Bahala na. Til here. Next time na lang ulit.


3 responses to “The Solo Saga prevails..

  1. uiiiii. I smell something fishyyyyy.

    Haha. Kidding!!! =p

  2. Rachelle Cabezas

    ay. how sad..


    ang lungkot mag malling mag isa huh?
    magcomputer ka na lang sa bahay…

    enjoy pa!!

    –gusto mo kasama? samahan kita, basta libre mo.. hehehe.. just kidding^^

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