The 48 Tribes of St. Peter by Niccolo

St. Peter


     People are like the countless stars in our night sky. They seem to be the same but they give off different sparks.

     Stars move.

     Like people.

     They all have their own paths to follow. They all have dreams of their own. But it’s a big coincidence when 48 paths suddenly cross each other, like the stitches in your favorite sweat shirt. They came form different directions and bare different hues. And so like threads, there were stitched together and formed a strong bond that even the blade of the grim reaper can never cut.

     But isn’t it weird.

     Look how they are bonded strongly.

     They are actually different. They have different likes and different dislikes. Some are serious while some are humorous. Some are tall while some are short. Some are rich while some are just fine. Some are good while others are better.

     How could these differences bond them together?

     It’s really a big puzzle.

     But if you look closely, these differences does not actually matter. They have one thing in common. One thing that bonds them together against all these differences.

     You know it already.

     It’s the only thing that could bind oil and water together.

    One word,




     St. Peter – “Pursuing worthy aims…”


4 responses to “The 48 Tribes of St. Peter by Niccolo

  1. I really missed you guys.. ^^

  2. nakaka-miss talaga ang mga hs friends mo lalo na kung close na close na kayo. tsk. tsk.

    uhmm… — yan ang FB, ym and email accts ko. 🙂

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