Blogging Made Easy..

Blogging is one of the most popular emerging trends in the online society nowadays. An online portfolio that keeps track of a blogger’s life thoughts and ideas. The life line of its existence depends on the passion of the creator. Managing a blog was merely not easy as it looks. You have to update from time to time in order to keep everything fresh and in line to the boundary of reality. Almost all bloggers who have their laptop and internet can update and review their blog on a hourly basis. They can securely record what pops out of their thoughts in just a nick of time. But what about people like us? Life seems so unfair isn’t it? But due to the recent innovations of mobile technology, blogging was made easy. How? For those who doesn’t know, you can browse the internet on your phone through an ip trick or by simply installing a third-generation symbian software which can by-pass the networks security for you to enjoy free browse. Pretty cool, right? Here how it looks on my n70:




As you can see, I am using my opera mini 5 beta version. A version that includes operator trick modifications for future and longer use. I can wait to see its full version which is download capable. However, this beta application has a place for my cool-o-meter. It could save pages on phone or memory making it accessible whenever in offline mode. If you really want to try it out please follow the links below and follow the instructions. It is exclusively available for all symbian phones, express music editions, n-series, and e-series.

So if you have a time, go check it works on your phone. I hope this was helpful.



5 responses to “Blogging Made Easy..

  1. whoa, this is so cool. I never knew this trick exist! Well done Geb0i! 😀

  2. San ba yang pinoyden dito ba yan ?

  3. yap.. tama.. nga un..

  4. I use this too but there are features on Opera Mini that are better… hope they mix them so we can have best of both

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