The Bayanihan within the Filipinos


“When will we ever see the rainbow again?” This is one of the questions that a child would ask after the rain. If you can sill recall, rainbow reminds us the story of Noah’s Ark. It symbolizes God’s love, hopes and new beginnings. But when will we ever attain it after all that we have been through?


Most of us never imagined that the storm “Ketsana” a.k.a. Ondoy would cause so much havoc in our nation. The properties that have been obliterated almost costs billions. It merely left several provinces submerged in mud and flood leaving most of the people stranded. Left with no power and water supply, what are they going to do to sustain the needs of their families? How could they take care of the sick, mentally-challenged and aged elders by chances?
Considering the situation, how can they continue their living in fields, offices, streets and buildings flooded with water in almost head’s high depths?
And of whatsoever socio-economic status, the typhoon have shown no sympathy to the live of those who have been affected. Nearly 300 lives were claimed during its pre-occupation.
The worse is some people are still missing and nowhere to be found.
This is so heartbreaking knowing that they have gone through so much pain and difficulties. In spite of the situation, there is no one to be blamed for what had happened. We were all just victims of this natural phenomenon. The best thing that we could do is to hope and pray for their safety and extend our genuine love to our fellow Filipinos. In times like this, we are the ones who could really help uplift the souls of those who were in burden.
The real sense of being a Filipino is one of the values expressed during such times. Bayanihan was really portrayed through the conscious efforts of ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya, GMA Kapuso Foundation and other government and non government organizations.


Many people have allotted and devoted their time to support and help in the relief operations to distribute the commodities to the people who have needed it most.

Needless to say, we give our sincerest gratitude because they are truly an inspiration. And also, we truly honor every Filipinos who have risked and spared their lives in order to save other. They can be truly called a “hero” for they have set a good model to each and every one.
Let us just hope for a new tomorrow and someday our “rainbow” will come shining through. No matter how much our hearts are grieving, if we believe in the spirit of love and unity, then we can go through all of this.


Above all this, we must always remember that God will never let us down. Prayer will always be the best weapon that will help us overcome all of our burdens in life.

“AKO MISMO” had created this article in support for the benefit of our fellow Filipino. This was the least thing I could do to help. “AKO MISMO” is proud to say that I was very grateful to be a part of this unique race.

If you really wish to help, CLICK HERE:
ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya

or help via LOAD

Text Red amount to 4483. Php 10, 25, 50, 100 denominations… this is not scam. Official from AKO MISMO FACEBOOK account


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  1. hi! the sun will always come out. mejo matagal nga lang minsan.

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