Highschool Bits-Reminisce


One of the naturally occuring spectacle that an individual could see everyday is the sunset. Colossal colors of red, yellow and orange rhythmically  blend and scatter into the crystal clear blue sky as the sun begins to depart signifying a day is coming to an end. As I watch the sun bid goodbye to the day, I felt this sudden sadness from deep inside my heart. It reminds me of-another day has passed and my noble days with my friends and classmates is looming to an end as another chapter of my life is about to close and a new one is about  to unfold. Aside from this gloomy feeling, I also felt the excitement for after so many years of studying and learning I am about to finish my secondary education. At this certain point in time, I immediately sense the fulfillment of my life not only because of graduation but for a reason that I usually carry these three essential pieces that proves my existence. God, my family and my friends. At this very moment, I have started doing the best that I can to our school for this will be my last and final year here. I will leave a legacy that would impart for all-a lesson. Saying goodbyes doesn’t mean forgetting your friends but you are still friends for the rest of your entire lives and it will always prevail.



Aside from fascinating sunset, a fabulous scenery of a man-made occuring event called fireworks display brings joy. A silent night sky of pure black and blue stripes will have life. It will be filled with vast colors of red, yellow and blue radiance moving simultaneously and harmoniously across the night sky. Fireworks marks the beginning or ending of a program. It also denotes joy that reminds me of good experiencies. While when it disappears, I remember the bad experiences. But whatever happens, all of my memories about how I lived out my life with these people whom I called friends and family  will be safe in my heart.


Everything in this world is subject to change. Even us who will be memories of the past and part of history someday. Reflect/look back on your past. Start a new beginning. Don’t just lose hope whenever problems come. Life is short so spend it for something that outlasts life.


Sunset and Fireworks, one naturally occuring and one man-made. They may seem not associated but if you would look deeper they both signifies beautiful experiences, hopes and new beginnings, or we are about to leave and take one step forward onto reaching our dreams.


6 responses to “Highschool Bits-Reminisce

  1. I love the colors of the sky when the sun sets but what I love most are fireworks which are better than those of the sunset. Hahaha. flickering!!!

  2. Are these your works? If so, great job!
    Nice writing too, bro 🙂

    Links ex?

  3. @rommel, was that a compliment or a question? anyway, thanks. I’d like you to know that this is my own article. can i add ur site on my blogroll?

  4. i think he was pertaining for the pics. yep, i have my fb. search mo, lixo zidv and congratulations! you’ve summon the witch who slept for 02030611 days. LOL.

  5. what kind of witch? ba’t naman un pa ginamit mu term to describe urself? lol.

  6. hahahaha, wala lang. TRIIIIP lang. 😛

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