I learned a Sport!!

Nothing much happened. We had a seat work on physics which definitely turned into a homework. Ang hirap ng seat work! Circiuts is killing me. Imagine you are being electrified. studying or computing for the current is likewise the same. In our techcom time, research is our main focus. Binalik ung intro namin sa research proposal. Umuwi naman agad ako kasi early dismissal. I played country story then nakachat ko si coleen. Gosh, I really missed her. I’m happy na nakachat kita. Basta. Ingat ka na lang jan. Pagbalik naman sa school e naglaro ng table tennis. Andun pala si Tumamac. As usual, talo kami ni partner robert. hehe.. Sa komika naman, reporting lang. Dismissed na agad after. I visited Ate Flora for pathways. Start na po kasi bukas and I am very much excited. I just hope na sana I won’t be as boring as the usual teacher. After nun, naglaro kami ng table tennis sa gym, tinuruan ni mc.. tnxs Mc!! Salamat din kay “father” at DL dahil nakalaro ko sila. Marunong na ko ng mabilis na serve!! hehe.. but still i’m not as good like them.. So practice, practice, practice!!


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