One heck of a day..

One heck of a day. Pano ko nga ba sisimulan to?  Nagquiz agad sa diffcal pagdating ni Sir Querubin. Grabe, the problems were really hard. Shift na ba ang kahahantungan nito? hehe.. I was really thinking about it from time to time. As long as I can survive this struggles in my engineering career I will pursue it.  I can do this!! Now that’s the fighting spirit! hehe.. Sana lang til’ the end mapanghawakan ko pa ang aking mga salita. Before our next class, nagpunta muna kami sa vision. We had no choice e. La naman kasi ung mga ordinaryong resistors na hinahanap namin for the radio parts. Mc and we accompanied Lord. Ambilis nya maglakad. hehe.. When we were walking, Mc insists na “sabayan mo na” eith matching grin pa. So ayun na nga, sinabayan ko na siya. I was kinda confused kung ano nga ba si Lord para saken but at the present time, I had feelings for her. Yie!! hehe.. I hope she doesn’t find out about it or i’ll be busted totally.. Nakabalik naman agad kami sa school just on time. I ate my lunch. This time I am not alone. Kasama ko naman si Mc. I almost forgot, may nakatext pa kaming “meyrii” na taga DLSL nga. Kulit nga e katext ni Mc. Sa Philite class, Rehearsals ng play.. Pinanuod ko lang sila while I copy the notes on Physics. At lunchbreak, tambay sa library. We have nothing to do since we were just one ang a half hour away before class. In physics, lessons and dull moments. Kakaantok kaya lang kailagang makinig. The period before our last class, merienda na muna. Someone called Mc. he  avoided the “girl” I guess. Badtrip pa rin ata. He can’t hide it.. It is seen on the looks. Ehehe.. Tapos Genpsyche e buti n lang wala si Sir. But he left us something to do. Buti na lang it  was to be submitted on Monday. What a relief. Nakakapagod na e. I could already sense that this is just the start of our “dilemma” on finals. Let’s hope for more and brace ourselves for  problems? Hay. La na ko maisip. til here..


2 responses to “One heck of a day..

  1. ndi q cnsdya,… n mbsa,…

    ndi q lam s2vhn,..(._.)

  2. alin ang di mo sinasadya? ok lang un.. ^^

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