New quote, thousand realizations..

Every chapter of our life counts. This is one thing that I have realized. Basta. I was kind of inspired to write today. Many had happened today. Basta. The usual thing, I woke up late. Pero i didn’t actually get up from my bed. Around 9am pa siguro ko bumangon. Pagkagising kumain agad ng breakfast. I told my mom that we will be having our general assembly for anak batangueño that’s why I brought two pairs of shirt. At school since wala pa sina Ronald, all that was left to do hang out at osa. Almost everyone was busy for this day. Ang inaalala pa namin today e ung make up class sa physics. Eversince we were busy for the assembly, excused kami. Buti nga at mabait si Sir Favis. “Practice makes perfect but then again nobody is perfect.” Wala lang. Trip ko lang quote na yan kasi puro practice kami. The least thing that i love about dancing e nakakasabay at natuto ako kahit pano. I will always admire dancers. Hehe. I love their flawless moves. It is really one of the many ways of expressing their innermost feelings and desire. Three cheers for all the dancers! 🙂 Back to my story, I had to eat my lunch alone. Busy kasi sila. After lunch, asa osa hq ulit ako. I always feel comfortable there. Basta. Anyways, busy ulit kami after. Gumagawa pa kasi ng script. Partner Co-host ko nga pala si katrice. “Hosting is fun.” for pros maybe but for amateurs like us nakakanervous? Hehe. Though it didn’t turned out to be great, the most important is I have learned a thing about OFWs. How i missed my dad. Ugh. Mrs. Crisostomo’s words were so true and almost struck me at the heart. Being a migrant’s son or daughter is always an opportunity. We should always remember that because the sacrifices they have made weren’t for their desires but for the benefit of our future. These are one of the important points to ponder. Naenjoy ko din ang program dahil sa mga kakulitan ni kat at little janina. Haha… Thanks sa bonding. Nagthank you din si Mrs. Rochelle Sasuya for our help. Your’e always welcome ma’am. Tambay sa lab from 6pm to 8:30. Total update naman e kasi sina jerome at ivy na. Yeehee. Haha.. Ibabalita ko to since kilala sila ng mom ko. Naulan na naman nung lumabas kami papuntang jolibee. I always love the rain. And the feeling of being cold namana ko na siguro sa ulan. When will i learn to move on and love again? Andrama. Before we eat, mc asked me a favor. I accompany him to CP Reyes Hospital. He had to wait for the girl he was courting. It was really raining very hard and all we were waiting for is nothing? Poor guy, poor me… It was really a relief that he had me as a company. He could have looked stupid if he was there alone by chance. Badtrip tuloy tropa ko. Ikaw ba naman magintay ng 30 mins tapos di ka sisiputin! Nagpunta na lang kami citimart. Nakita ko pa si Kuya Laurence, the guy from Sta. Cecilia. He kept on advising “okay, aral muna at wag mag aasawa” so nice of him. At Jolibee, we had to order k1 for steaks but we ended up at c1 kasi out of stocks na. Kakulitan pa naming si Ate over the counter kasi naman tong si Sir Alvin ay makulit. So musch for updates, wala na pala si Sir at Ma’am Tina according to Mc. Hindi man lang naguupdate tong si Sir. Siguro he doesn’t want us to worry for he had to keep it to himself. Parang sa quote na “Sometimes you have to keep some things private because you are the one who will understand it when the right time comes”. La lang, just to share. While eating, I noticed a parent and her child. Napipicture sila. Twas’ his son’s birthday as I heard. Natuwa lang ako kasi as a single parent she raised her child well. Well in a sense na close sila. Then I saw the Girl Scout, she was arranging the chairs even though she was just to eat with her father maybe. She is very loyal to her duty. Dami pa nya badges. She must be very disciplined. I always admired people like them. They are loyal to their work and responsibilities. Namiss ko tuloy ang BSP sa hs life ko. How I wished I can continue it but there was never a chance in college. Mahirap na kasi pero I’ll try to fulfill my part in my own special way. While eating I noticed Mc was really bothered. Pinapapunta pa kasi sya e but he insisted not to go to. I mean he had enough, badtrip na kasi ang tao. We took pictures together and parted ways. On our ways kwento pa din si Mc ng kabadtripan nya kay Ebok. Basta. I have nothing to do, all I want to know is does the girl ever know the word “empathy”? And that is it. Bago umuwi e nakita pa namin si Ate Flora, Ate Glad at Ma’m Chinkee. Nagulat pa nga si Ate Flora. Inantay muna naming sya sumakay bago kami umalis. It would be rude if we would just leave her behind. Ingat Ate Flora. That’s all about my day.


One response to “New quote, thousand realizations..

  1. nice one..

    nkarelate aq dun sa cnv mu about the OFW thing.. hehe.. My father is also a OFW, namiz q tuloy cia.. After 2 years bago ulit cia umuwi ng Pinas, he’s here this last summer vacation but unfortunately i had my OJT sa bataan kya every weekend umuuwi aq just to be with him.. un lng kc mga panahon n nka2sama nmin cia kay un.. ngadjust q nung summer khit medyo mhirap.. hehe.. worth it nman kc msaya ang lhat nung nandun cia.. un nag lng kelangan ndin niang bumalik after 45 days of vacation after 2 years.. ndi q lng alm ngaun graduation q kung uuwi cia but i’d told him n ndi aq gagrad kpg ndi cia umuwi.. binblack mail noh? haha..

    nxt time n ulit ung iba ah.. got to go eh.. ngrent lng aq just to visit here.. :]

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