Nothing out of the ordinary. The lessons were dull and boring. Cables, RJ-45 and wire stripper were the theme of my 1st class. I forgot to bring the individual materials. I just borrowed from jikyz and promised to replace it within this day. I was nearly bored to death when we finished our activity. The fun part about this subject matter is we were to learn something from the hands on. Thanks Sir Mon! The second period was techcom. I somehow hated this subject because there are tons of paperworks. Though we may not have an exam on this subject, the research proposal was totally killing us. Lunch time, meal time. On today’s menu, bicol express is my kind of food. I ate with Robert and after that we went to a computer parts shop to purchase and replaced the things i borrowed from GE2C. At 2pm, our so called “class” started in envi. We were all overjoyed by Ma’am Bern’s decision. She suggests to replace the documentation project with film viewing and a final exam to lessen up our burden. My sincerest gratitude for you ma’am. You are really a life saver. We were dismissed earlier around 3pm, we hang out at our lab with Sir alvin of course. 4pm last session. We were excused because of our practice for the anak batangueno assembly to be held tomorrow. Thank GOD she allowed us to practice. I got home nearly 8pm. I had to sleep an hour just to blog this. Haha.. Guess I really have the passion for blogging. And starting tomorrow i’ll include some quotes to live by.. hehe.. it would be more fun.


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